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9/18/16 02:53 pm

Об этом заявил Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от этой партии.

Он основывается на личных наблюдениях и информации, поступающей от однопартийцев.
Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от КПРФ:

- В настоящее время обстановка на избирательных участках в Краснодаре, как никогда, спокойная, если оценивать ситуацию с утра и до настоящего времени. Выборы проходят в штатном режиме. Тем не менее, это не исключает попыток нагнетать обстановку со стороны некоторых политических сил, которые забрасывают бессмысленными жалобами крайизбирком.

В частности, речь идет о… горшках с цветами. Якобы их много и они не так стоят. Подобные замечания касаются участков, расположенных в школах.

- На участках ведется видеосъемка, то есть все происходящее там фиксируется и в дальнейшем записи можно будет детально проанализировать, - заметил Вячеслав Потапов.

Он добавил, что опасения по поводу новых изменений законодательства - по работе журналистов – не подтвердились. Все проходит гладко. Представители СМИ аккредитованы.

Явка, по словам собеседника, средняя. В большей степени это «заслуга» погоды. Но до закрытия избирательных участков времени еще достаточно.
- Поэтому, уверен, многие горожане еще воспользуются своим избирательным правом и проголосуют, - подытожил Потапов.


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2/25/05 05:54 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: helenish
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 5:54 PM
To: crimsonclad
Subject: RE: So, Ron.

Damnit! You're right. But Harry's walking down to the village and back with Greg! and Maybe Greg comes over to pet the squonk, which he's allowed to do when it's just Harry in charge. [note: at the pet store, Harry would also talk to the SNAKES! and have little snake friends. aww.]

But I'm right on the Draco train with you - I mean, he's SO awful, and we have almost no insight into his inner life whatsoever, but I have to assume he has one, and I just--I find his life in the books really painful to contemplate, because he seems miserable, and the people around him seem miserable, and his home life obviously stinks, so I think --exactly right-- if he just had someone who UNDERSTOOD, and man, I'm 12. No, really, I'm struck dumb by the problems of Draco Malfoy, adolescent.

And, right, it is sort of horrible to be Ron, after having made such a big fucking deal about Hermione and Fleur, to suddenly discover this whole other thing, and he probably thinks that, at least, no one would ever believe Draco.

Also, once he finds out that Draco likes how shabby he is - which he realizes is a primary motivating factor - it's okay that he's a little mercenary about the whole thing, and maybe doesn't like Draco quite as much as he thinks he's supposed to like someone that he sneaks off to make out with, all the time.

And, right, the Weasleys are no longer particularly poor. The kids are out of the house, Arthur's making a little more, and Ron is just shabby because he likes his old pants, which are soft and comfortable, and doesn't see the point of new ones. They're very solidly middle class, I should think, by now - frankly, the Weasleys always seem pretty solidly middle class to me, it's just that Ron is friends with Hermione (only child of two dentists) and Harry (faaaabulously wealthy) and so it seems really miserable and awful, but the kids seem to have enough food and warm clothing and are able to go to the Quidditch cup, and all. Also, Draco probably thinks he's richer than he is, and doesn't realize that estate is about to be a millstone around his neck, and it's probably entailed to the hilt, and there are lots of shabby rooms and scarred up furniture which Lucius and Narcissa sniff is ANTIQUE, and all.

But you're right, Harry! I just get sucked into Ron and Draco's drama all the time, possibly because they're huge sluts who start screwing around almost immediately, before Greg and Harry even just brush hands by accident, because Harry is confused about his sexuality even existing, and Greg is trying not to be poor and huge and clumsy and bad at school AND like boys, especially Harry Potter, who dates Cho Chang. Never mind that Greg's information is at least 2 years out of date.

2/25/05 04:00 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: crimsonclad
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 4:00 PM
To: helenish
Subject: Re: So, Ron.

I would like to point out that you requested something about HARRY,
and I tried, and it isn't my fault that Draco always ends up being

(Also, re: your insight into his character after a terrible day at
work- I think this is actually tied into why I love The Hero and The
Crown more than The Blue Sword- because in THATC Aerin is so alone, so
lonely and everyone is so meeeeeean to her, and so when one person
finally realizes how lovely and awesome she is it feels so wonderful,
and that's how I see Draco an awful lot of the time. That's all. I
was thinking about it.)

And Iike that we're finally having a story where wizarding sexual
mores are sort of close to our own- i.e., Ron struggling with liking
boys, instead of having passionate male friendships (no matter how I
adore them) or moral hygiene homosexual affairs. Because, he has no
gaydar, and gets crushes on straight boys, and never had willing
stableboys around his house.

There was probably one excruciating episode where he almost leaned in
to kiss someone, his quidditch pal Philip, and Philip sort of jerked
away and was NICE about it, but blushed and said he wasn't really, um.
And they had been spending all summer together, and Ron felt like
such a moron, and things were weird and the last time he saw Philip he
was walking with his arm around this girl, and he waved at Ron but Ron
had already turned around and started walking the other way.

So Draco is just flirting shamelessly, but Ron is just not risking any
more humiliation, and maybe he even thinks Harry's self-improvement
kick is a hint at him to stop being so lame, and no matter how many
times Draco plops down next to him in the library and smiles and says
that Potions was terrible, and could Ron help him figure out solvents?
Ron is still never going to risk looking like an ass, not again.

2/22/05 05:57 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: helenish
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 5:57 PM
To: crimsonclad
Subject: RE: So, Ron.

Right, Greg is hungry, that first year - I think he's just sort of gawky and big for his age in first year, and then downright fat second year, and then he finally just gets tall and bulky third year, and oh my god, let's talk about Draco.

Because, okay, probably Lucius caught him making out with [you know it!] a stableboy and got really bent out of shape about it and probably slapped Draco, and Draco arrived at Platform 9.75 with a chip on his shoulder, and immediately saw the Weasley family (maybe the whole crew comes down to wish Ron and Ginny off, so they're just packed in, looking shabby and exuberant and Lucius just SNEERS at them) and this year, when Draco runs into Ron on the train (as he does EVERY year) he doesn't make a nasty comment or shove him or try to hex him. He smiles.

Oh, also, maybe the train jolts at that exact moment and Draco stumbles forward and Ron catches him, as you do, and Draco just thanks him. Like a normal person. Like a normal person with a cute smile, and Ron has probably spent the last year completely striking out with everyone, ever, and feeling miserably sick and confused about liking boys, and really not wanting Harry and Hermione to know.

So when Draco contrives to run into him, twice, in the next week, and another time after that [and not in a stupid jostling elbowing way, at all - more like, he brushes around a corner and bumps Ron's shoulder and knocks his bookbag off his shoulder, and actually leans down and picks it up. And once his silk scarf catches Ron across the chest, because it's flapping all beautifully in the breeze, and Draco just grins, and tucks it more closely around his - suddenly cute and pink, Ron notices - ears.]

2/22/05 02:54 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: crimsonclad
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 2:54 PM
To: helenish
Subject: Re: So, Ron.

Oh, Greg! And you know, JKR has such a load of issues with fat people
for whatever reason, and she talks about how Greg and Vince are always
stuffing themselves- but Greg grew up maybe not eating very much, and
giving his sisters the better portion because he was a boy and could
do without. So when he first got to Hogwarts there was all this food,
all the time, and frankly, it's a little surprising that Harry wasn't
equally bewildered and overcome with the bounty of delicious and
plentiful food.

Maybe Harry doesn't even understand why Greg has a job at first-
because he's used to thinking of Slytherins as rich and privileged,
and he figures that maybe Greg has bossy parents or something. And
one afternoon he asks Ron- SUPER casually, if Greg is from a big
mansion like Draco. And Ron says why do you ask? Why would I know?
I don't know! Why would you ask me about Draco? He's funny looking
and doesn't smell nice at ALL. And anyway, Ron heard that Greg is
titled but poor.

(Draco totally whispers things like that when they're making out- not
mean, just about how his father would freak if he knew, which is a
huge turn-on for Draco. Pissing his father off is one of his main
interests. Ron starts wearing his oldest sweater (jumper, for
britpickers) to meet him in the old arithmancy lab, and the sleeve is
unravelling and Draco practically tackles him when he sees it. Ron is
beginning to think that Draco has an exaggerated view of how poor he
actually is, and Arthur got a raise and they've been making some
improvements at the Burrow, but Ron isn't going to disabuse Draco of
any notions, not when it makes his fingers shake as he runs them up
Ron's arms.)

And Harry realizes that Greg works because he HAS to, not out of some
quest for self-improvement, and he begins to feel a little silly, but
not enough to quit, because then he wouldn't ever see him, wouldn't
ever get to sit next to him by the fallow pasture and laugh over the
way McGonagall called Seamus a nitwit.

2/18/05 11:32 am

-----Original Message-----
From: helenish
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 11:32 AM
To: crimsonclad
Subject: RE: So, Ron.

oh, lord, squonks!

Okay, how about if Greg secretly has a job, because his family is actually poor, and he has a few younger sisters, and he has to work to get money to buy all the extra clothes he needs, since he keeps growing, and the books. This, you see, is why he often does badly in classes, because he's working twenty hours a week - probably doing something physical, like unloading crates or what have you, because he's so big - and he's tired a lot, and tends to fall asleep with his face in his work, and end up with ink on his face.

[I feel as though a few books ago, this would have been entirely unrealistic, because obviously no kid could have a job at Hogwarts, but now I'm not so sure - and I'm also not so sure that a Slytherin couldn't work twenty hours a week and have his schoolwork suffer enormously, while his teachers simply think he's lazy and stupid. Snape probably knows better, but he probably had to work during school, too, and doesn't see the point of making excuses for something that just IS. The Goyle boy is doing the best he can, so Snape leaves it alone.]

Draco probably knows, and doesn't know, because Greg is ashamed of it - it's probably more shameful to be poor in Slytherin, anyhow, and Greg thinks Draco would probably be cruel if he found out the true extent of their poverty, because he's seen how Draco acts towards the Weasleys [oh! the irony, since Draco is off making out with Ron, and sliding the heel of his hand up the stubble on Ron's cheek, and falling in love, just a little.]

I'm thinking, you see, that Greg initially just thinks Harry's buying a squonk, in the thoughtless way that rich people just *buy* things they want, but one day he sees Harry outside scrubbing down a cage or something, and realizes he works at the pet store, and then he sees Harry walking back up to Hogwarts, and somehow they must become secret work friends.

They can eat sandwiches together, and talk a little, and pretend they don't know each other when they're up at school.

2/17/05 03:28 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: crimsonclad
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 3:28 PM
To: helenish
Subject: Re: So, Ron.

1) Yes, Ron being horrible is still like a dream come true for Draco-
apart from the fact that it's RON, and he no matter what he did he'd
be a dream come true.

But, see, even though Ron feels bad, it will help warm Draco up for
the real experience. Because Draco would never know what to do with
someone who gives backrubs and makes sandwiches and leaves funny notes
in his overcoat pocket, which is certainly something Ron will do,
eventually. But if he had started off lovely, Draco would have been
so awash in disbelief that it would probably fall apart.

2)Squonks are native to Pennsylvania, actually, and they weep
constantly, and someone captured one in a bag, but when they opened it
later, it was only filled with tears.

So, of course, an American beast is completely exotic and alluring-
and while regular Brits think Americans are sort of boorish losers, I
wonder if a sheltered pureblood like Gregory might not have a secret
fascination with the place. Not in any way conducive to an American
exchange student stealing his heart with her goodness, but once he
found a page torn out of Cosmo and didn't know what a bikini wax was,
or something equally silly that sounds mysterious to a cultural
outsider. But it's a strange ritual muggle women do- and it's
excruciatingly painful, from what he can tell, which sounds like such
a deatheater thing that he's always felt like something of a kindred
spirit with them.

And his mother told him about squonks, as a sort of cautionary tale
not to cry- because little boys who resort to tears end up that way
eventually, warty and dissolving into nothing- but he thinks they
sound fascinating and he always wanted one.

Also, he's felt tempted to be a bit squonk-ish lately, because Draco
is quiet and sneaking off somewhere all the time, and Vince has a
stupid girlfriend at Durmstrang and he's always writing her letters
full of poor spelling and stupid drawings (which are actually pretty
good, unfortunately), and then he sees Harry Potter in the window of
the Hogsmeade pet store holding a squonk, which is just unfair. Harry
Potter gets EVERYTHING cool.

(Draco is, of course, sneaking off with Ron. And Harry gets left on
his own all the time, which is FINE, because he has a JOB, and he's
Very Responsible. If Ron wants to sneak off and not tell Harry where
he's going, then that is His Decision.)

2/16/05 05:56 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: helenish
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 5:56 PM
To: crimson
Subject: RE: So, Ron.

oh, my.

The thing is that even at his worst, Ron is probably the best boyfriend Draco's ever had. He offers to pay for stuff, to begin with, and it's not that the money was ever even an issue, but it's something when Ron fishes his wallet out of his pocket and - btw, there really needs to be some sort of wizard credit card, which, I imagine, would be really neat - pays for dinner.

The thing is that Ron has been brought up properly, so sustaining any sort of real nastiness towards Draco is essentially impossible for him, even though small mean parts of him want to, and he feels horribly disloyal to Harry's memory, and knows that's completely fucked up, and takes it out on Draco, and knows that's unacceptable, as well.

Once he resolves to be nicer, it's a good deal easier than he thinks it's going to be, and I feel strongly that Draco must have a pool put in so that Ron can swim in it. Ron is shy about the way his leg looks, and doesn't want Draco to see, and there should probably be a bit where Ron ends up admitting this in the context of Draco's body being great and amazing and unmarked and nice-smelling, and he says this grouchily, probably while being an asshole to Draco for walking in on him swimming, and Draco is still ridiculously pleased and flattered.

[Also, this is really not my finest hour. Long day. The cafeteria here has been Particularly Foul of late, and I have to go to this idiotic team breakfast at 7:45 tomorrow and skip running, and bleh.]

Also, Ron, even at his worst, is not selfish in bed. It's been a long time for him, and sometimes he doesn't quite know what to do - which, you know, Draco probably doesn't realize either. I think he tends to think that there's not much Ron Weasley can't do, if he really wants to - he used to be so hatefully jealous in school, he used to think Ron Weasley had it so easy - good enough at school without studying, good at Quidditch, good looking even in his awful clothes.

[oh, fuckit, I'm going home. I'm practically falling asleep at my desk. Harry and the Squonks (or what have you) tomorrow!]

2/15/05 11:54 am

-----Original Message-----
From: crimsonclad
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 11:54 AM
To: helenish
Subject: Re: So, Ron.

Can we dwell for a moment on how that is the SADDEST THING EVER? And,
oh, Ron could overhear Draco talking to Hermione, about how Oliver is
so nice to her and she isn't used to it, and Draco would say me too!
He still can't believe his luck, that he has Ron, and he treats him so

This would make Ron feel sick, of course, because the way he's been
acting would make anyone else furious, but Draco just takes it, and
makes him tea, and is still oddly hesitant about initiating anything
himself. Draco had at least one other boyfriend who got really pissed
off when Draco touched him first, so he doesn't do that anymore. He
doesn't touch Ron's bad leg, and although he loves kissing he never
clings or asks for it, and one night when Ron woke up to find Draco
stroking his arm, the minute he realized Ron was awake Draco
apologized and scooted away, out of arm's reach.

And some miracle does indeed occur, which means Ron brings Draco curry
although Ron himself doesn't like the smell, which Draco knows, which
is why he never had any in the flat before. Ron goes to Draco's
office, makes a meeting beforehand and everything, just to kiss him.
He presses Draco into his plush desk chair and kisses him, and when
Draco starts undoing Ron's fly (because clearly, that's his reason for
being there), Ron pulls his hands off and keeps kissing him, holding
his face, humming into Draco's mouth.

Draco knows things are changing, but doesn't know how much until one
morning at the Burrow, having eggs next to Ron while Molly beams, and
Ron leans over and kisses him, in front of his mother. Draco blushes
and stares, dumbfounded, and Ron just keeps talking about the Cannons
while putting a hand between his shoulderblades and running his
fingers up and down.

So, yes. And Harry! School, hm. What if he gets a JOB? At school,
in Hogsmeade. Ooh, in a petstore! Because, I don't know, he was
reading the newspapers all summer, and there were all these articles
about how teenagers need to learn responsibility and having a
part-time job is the best way to learn about Money Management. And,
being Harry, he decided he had to take himself in hand and learn about
Himself, and he gets a job.

One day Greg is trying to catch up with Draco, and his shoelace
breaks, so he stops to tie it. When he looks up, he sees Harry in the
window of the store, oblivious (of course), and cooing to a small baby
squonk, and wiping away its tears. Greg's mother used to tell him
stories about squonks, and the way they cried all day long. He
wondered why.

2/14/05 05:27 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: helenish
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 5:27 PM
To: crimsonclad
Subject: So, Ron.

So this is how I visualize this story - my dad used to have an old New Yorker cartoon on his wall, with a scientist writing on a blackboard, a whole scribbly lot of figures, and then a space and 'some miracle occurs' and then a solution. Sort of a behaviorist's black box school of fiction writing, which is that we have Draco-who-thinks-he's-worthless and Ron-with-the-twisted-leg on one side, and then something occurs, and it's time for Ron to suddenly realize that Draco is pretty great, and what's more that his boyfriends have all been complete assholes who have made him expect less than nothing.

On the other hand, I think Ron might realize that Draco is pretty great a little later, after the part where he sort of gets together with Draco but thinks he's kind of crummy and annoying and awful - and then, you see, it becomes apparent to him that Draco's not going to get angry at him for being a horrible boyfriend who is sometimes not very nice, and sometimes absent, and sometimes stands him up - I think maybe Ron's giving it a shot just to prove that he's a rotten person, who doesn't deserve romantic happiness, and he figures Draco will dump him inside a month. It's only when he realizes that Draco hasn't quite noticed anything wrong that he starts to feel bad.

The sex, obviously, is great, and Draco has never once said anything when Ron just left after having sex [because what, is he going to stay in Draco's huge bed underneath the big windows with the view of the London skyline and cuddle up to him and sleep and maybe pet his hair? too strange.]

Probably, hmm. Probably Ron has a horrible day and takes it out on Draco and shouts at him, and says a few regrettable things, and then, later, comes to his senses and tries to apologize, and Draco says it was his fault anyway. Which it wasn't.

Do you know, this was going to be an e-mail about how I'm craving a school-era story. Maybe with Harry.
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